Despite a Coalition Agreement to ‘relocate Government functions into the regions’, the Minister for ACC is doing the exact opposite, National’s ACC spokesperson Tim Macindoe says.

“Iain Lees Galloway confirmed in the Vote Labour Market Estimates Hearing that ACC plans to centralise ACC staff into main city centres, meaning employees in several regional offices are likely to lose their jobs.

“The Minister’s own electorate of Palmerston North will be one of the worst hit by the decision, with 20 redundancies expected.

“Meanwhile Timaru is set to have its staff numbers cut in half and Whanganui will see further cuts as well.

“This is a clear breach of the Government’s Coalition Agreement which stated that a priority for the Labour/New Zealand First Government was ‘a commitment to move Government functions into the regions’. New Zealand First campaigned on that promise in 2017 and people who voted for that pledge have every reason to feel betrayed.

“The Associate Minister’s answers to my questions in the House showed a lack of concern for the many ACC staff and their families who will be forced either to re-locate to a main city or face redundancy if they are unable to do so.

“It’s heartless and another clear example of the Coalition Government failing to deliver on their promises.”

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