Another of the Prime Minister’s promises to New Zealanders has rung hollow as her Government fails to deliver 623 learning support coordinators in schools by 2020, National’s Education spokesperson Nikki Kaye says.

“The Ministry of Education has confirmed just 68 per cent of the 623 learning support coordinator roles have been appointed and started in schools. Associate Education Minister Tracey Martin now says the number is 505 but this falls well short of the Government’s promise.

“The National Party has regularly raised concerns around the delay of delivering on this promise, finalising the job description, the Government’s inability to be clear to schools on who is going to get the allocated roles and unfairness around the allocation.

“The Government has dragged its heels and has not been clear to schools in time for them to recruit roles for this school year. It’s unfair that schools who have higher needs children and who should’ve received a role have missed out.

“New Zealanders should be sceptical of the Prime Minister’s commitment to provide a role in every school given the Government has been unable to fulfil its promise to deliver 623 roles.

“Ministers have been clear that this was only the first tranche, however officials at Select Committee last week have been unable to confirm a timeline of any second tranche, raising further questions about the Government’s promises.

“National has recently released its Education Discussion Document which proposes supporting children with complex needs both through additional investment and reform of the system to ensure those children get the support they need.

“Unlike Labour, National will deliver on its promises.”


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