Government shoots down Bill to take guns off gangs

The Government’s decision to vote down National’s Firearms Prohibition Orders Bill shows how out of touch the Government is when it comes to gangs, says National’s Police spokesperson Simeon Brown.

“This is the second time the Government has shot down legislation which will make it harder for gangs to get access to firearms and make it easier for Police to take firearms off gang members.

“Gang violence and firearms violence is at unprecedented levels and the Government has failed to take any action to take firearms off the gangs.

“National’s Bill would have given the Police greater search powers to take firearms out of the hands of the most violent gang members – a key change supported by the Police Association.

“It is clear the Government is not serious or committed to reducing the harm caused by gangs.

“We have seen a 50 per cent increase in gang membership since Labour first took office back in 2017. Police have been calling for greater tools to turn the tide on the rapid growth of gangs and the harm they are causing.

“FPOs were first recommended to the Government back in 2017 by Police. Since then, the Government has shot down National’s FPO Bill twice and have failed to introduce any of its own legislation. It is mind-boggling as to why Labour refuses to take tough action against gangs.

“Firearms violence is at its highest levels in decades. National’s FPO Bill would have gone a long way to assisting Police to take firearms out of the hands of gangs. National will continue to push for guns to be taken out of the hands of violent gang members”.