Government must be consistent in dealing with Covid rule breakers

The Government’s lack of consistency in enforcing the law against Covid rule breakers is a slap in the face to struggling businesses and people trying to do the right thing, says National’s Police spokesperson Simeon Brown.

“The Government’s decision to grant travel exemptions for gang members to travel across alert level boundaries shows the Government trusts gang members to adhere to Covid rules more than it trusts struggling business to operate or families who have lost loved ones and can’t travel to attend funerals.

“It is clear that Covid is spreading through the gang community and that is why the Government needs to get gang members vaccinated. But the Government should not be granting gang members any travel exemptions, as this only increases the risk of Covid being spread to other parts of the country.

“The Government condemned the couple who flouted the Covid rules to fly to Wanaka and supported them being charged.

“But there hasn’t been the same sense of urgency to condemn the behaviour of gang members and associates who have flouted the rules.

“There must be consistent and equal treatment of those who break the rules. The Government still hasn’t said whether the woman who tested positive for Covid in Northland will be charged.  

“If Ministers are going to meet with gangs they should tell them to stop moving between regions, smuggling cash, drugs and KFC across alert level boundaries, and risking the spread of Covid further outside Auckland.

“Struggling business-owners close to losing their livelihoods shouldn’t be made to suffer because gangs won’t comply with Covid rules.”