Government failing to deliver on ‘Just Transition’ plan

Almost three years after announcing its ‘Just Transition’ plan to help those people who were hurt by Labour’s short-sighted decision to ban oil and gas exploration, the Government hasn’t delivered on it, National’s Energy & Resources spokesperson Barbara Kuriger says.

“Since cancelling any future oil and gas exploration permits and forming the Just Transition Unit inside MBIE, we’re still waiting to see any meaningful progress from the Government.

“New Zealand needs a plan that takes us forward for at least the next 10 years, but we haven’t seen anything close to that yet from Energy and Resources Minister Megan Woods.

“As our sources of non-renewable energy dry up, what’s the game plan to avoid even greater use of coal, astronomical power prices and the threat of winter blackouts without renewable energy sources to take their place?

“The Government made a big deal of its commitment to the regions after it knee-capped Taranaki’s economy with its oil and gas ban. But it hasn’t backed up those words with action.

“Talk is cheap. We need more than empty announcements if we are going to make any meaningful progress towards renewable energy sources that can be sustained and serve New Zealanders cost-effectively.”