Revelations about bullying and intimidation by Wally Haumaha against three female public servants are deeply troubling and raise further questions about Mr Haumaha’s appointment as Deputy Police Commissioner, National’s Police spokesperson Chris Bishop says.

“Today’s revelations, alongside earlier reports that Mr Haumaha described serious allegations surrounding his friends in the Police as ‘nonsense’, risks undoing all the work Police have done to regain the public’s trust and confidence in the way Police treat women.

“Complaints of bullying and intimidation made against Mr Haumaha by the three women were passed to senior Police who consulted officials at the Ministry of Justice and Department of Corrections where the women were employed.

“But it appears nothing was done to address the concerns and Mr Haumaha has since gone on to climb the ranks to one of the most senior positions in the Police.

“Given these new revelations, the Prime Minister, Police Minister and Police Commissioner must explain whether they continue to believe Mr Haumaha’s position is tenable. Questions must also be asked of all three about what they knew and when.

“And the Internal Affairs Minister must explain whether the terms of reference of the inquiry into the process for Mr Haumaha’s appointment will be expanded in light of the revelations.

“This is a very serious matter. All women should be able to feel like they can go to the Police with any issue they have to report and that they will be taken seriously.

“Over the last decade, Police have worked hard to rebuild their reputation but the promotion of Mr Haumaha to one of the most senior roles in the Police has begun to undo that hard work and the rot needs to stop.”

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