The failure of a further attempt by the Brook Valley Community Group to block the pest control operation in the Brook Waimarama Sanctuary has been welcomed by Environment Minister Dr Nick Smith.

“The Brook Valley Community Group had a fair hearing in the High Court, and lost. They are now trying to throw a spanner in the works by seeking interim orders to block the pest control operation while they attempt an appeal.

“They know that if they can just keep dragging out the dispute, the Brook Valley Sanctuary Trust will run out of funding. It is good news that this has been rejected. The Trust, having won the substantial case, should now be able to get on with the job subject to a suitable weather window.

“These ongoing legal wrangles are just adding to the costs of the Trust, the ratepayer and the taxpayer. The vision of the sanctuary can be achieved only by successful completion of the pest control operation. These wins by the Trust in the High Court provide reassurance to the community that they are following the regulations properly and that the pest control operation is safe.

“It is time for the Nelson community to get behind the Trust and support this pest control effort to bring to life the vision of a safe haven for our native birds,” Dr Smith concluded.

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