Funding the mob is a sick joke

It is no wonder that the Government was reluctant to condemn the Chief Human Rights Commissioner about his $200 koha to the mob, when they have given the Mongrel Mob $2.75 million for a programme to manage a problem that they play a huge role in creating, National’s Police spokesperson Simeon Brown says.

“While we all acknowledge that meth is a scourge on our community and getting people help to get off it is vitally important, funding a programme run by the Mongrel Mob sends all the wrong messages.

“The Mongrel Mob is an organised criminal organisation which has been caught selling meth very recently, uses illegal firearms, and perpetrates significant violence on our streets. Almost any other organisation would be more appropriate to fund for this than a drug-peddling gang.

“The Government is giving millions of dollars to the people who import drugs into New Zealand and infect our communities with their scourge with the purpose that they get people off drugs! Where is the logic?

“If we want to get their members off drugs we should be funding organisations like the Salvation Army who have a proven track record with working with gang members to help them get off meth. They also have proper measures in place to ensure the accountability of any government funding.

“The Mongrel Mob has zero credibility and before they can be taken seriously as anything but an organised crime organisation they need to stop all drug importing and dealing, hand over their illegal weapons, and stop committing crime.

“The Government needs to front up and explain how on earth they justified the decision to give millions to an active organised crime group. Which Minister signed this off? 

“With gang membership on the rise, this Government is showing no signs of wanting to deal with the harm they create. Instead they are now sending Ministers to speak at gang pads and giving grants to gangsters.

“The Proceeds of Crime Fund was set up to support victims of crime – not the perpetrators. This Government is sending all the wrong messages. This is outrageous.

“National is the party of law and order. We won’t be sitting down and having cups of tea with gangs, rather we support our Police to enforce the law and support organisations like the Salvation Army who have a proven track record of helping people get help for their addictions.”