New Zealanders are set to pay over $1 billion more in additional fuel taxes over the next three years according to the Governments own numbers, National’s Transport spokesperson Jami-Lee Ross says.

“These taxes are hitting us at the same time that petrol prices are already rising to record levels with petrol prices rising 20 cents in the last year,” Mr Ross says.

“This will affect all New Zealanders as the cost of living increases and we know it will hit those who least can afford it the most.

“What’s worse, at the same time as asking for a billion dollars from New Zealanders Transport Minister Phil Twyford is gutting $5 billion from state highway funding across New Zealand.

“That means that much-needed roads such as the Northland, Tauranga to Katikati and Otaki to Levin projects are being re-evaluated by the New Zealand Transport Agency.

“All of this comes down to the Government’s commitment to building a tram set in Auckland and needing to find the money to pay for it.

“That is resulting in New Zealanders up and down the country now being forced to open their wallets and lose the roading projects in their regions that would have boosted growth and saved lives. 

“This Government is already adding thousands of dollars a year in costs to Kiwi households through cancelled tax cuts, higher rents and slower GDP growth and now they are being asked to pay more and are getting less.”

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