Frontline police don’t support Labour funding the Mob

Police officers have aptly labelled the funding of a rehabilitation programme run by the Mongrel Mob as a successful money laundering scheme and National agrees, National’s Police spokesperson Simeon brown says.

“There is clearly outrage and anger amongst police officers who feel giving taxpayer money to an organised criminal group such as the Mongrel Mob is directly oppose to the work they are doing trying to combat organised crime.

“The Notorious chapter of the Mongrel Mob recently had $2 million seized off them and the Government has turned around and returned the money with interest.

“The Proceeds of Crime Fund was set up to fund initiatives which would address the social harm caused by gangs, it wasn’t meant to be a way to fund the gangs.

“Police officers see first-hand the harm caused by gangs, they deal with the victims and they are doing their best to stop young children from being caught in a life of crime.

“Gang membership is steadily growing under this Labour Government, and it’s no wonder they feel emboldened when Labour is handing over millions of dollars to them.

“National agrees with the comments made by the Police Association when they call on the Government to understand exactly how the Mongrel Mob operates and the extent of the harm they cause.

“This funding should’ve been given to an organisation like the Salvation Army who has a proven track record of helping people get help for their addictions, not the Mongrel Mob who has a proven track record of peddling drugs, misery and violence.”