Foreign Affairs

National understands that on the global stage we act on behalf of New Zealanders.

Everything we do on the world stage must reflect their interests and values. Using the tools of diplomacy to advance democracy, protect human rights, and promote inclusiveness around the world, National is committed to enhancing New Zealand’s hard won reputation as an honest broker and considered voice.

You can read our Foreign Affairs Policy Factsheet here.

National’s foreign policy is based on five interlocking principles. New Zealand foreign policy under National will be:

  • Outward focused to deliver New Zealand security and prosperity.

  • Independent and agile in advancing our interests.

  • Credible positioning of New Zealand as a serious partner.

  • Values based and underpinned by our commitment to democracy and freedom.

  • Bipartisan and reaching out to engage all New Zealanders.

New Zealand is a small country that wields influence beyond its size. Our opinion is respected and trusted internationally and for a modest country our voice is persuasive. It is our duty to advance New Zealand’s national interests as a responsible member of the international community and to defend the values that we hold on to.

You can read our Foreign Affairs Policy Factsheet here.