The Employment Minister’s lofty ambition to build ‘a kete of tightly woven pastoral care around individuals’ in a bid to stem youth unemployment just goes to show that Labour doesn’t understand where jobs actually come from, National’s employment spokesperson Paul Goldsmith says.

“Nothing announced by Willie Jackson today will undo the damage caused by yesterday’s weakening of 90 day trials.

“In just two days Labour has announced two policies that effectively work against each other.

“Removing the 90 trial and the starting out wage means it’s now less likely that employers will take a chance on these young people, particularly those with no qualifications or experience, as a result of this Government’s silly policies.

“Mr Jackson’s flowery rhetoric really says nothing and just goes to show Labour doesn’t understand where jobs really come from. The best way to get young people into work is to have an economy that is creating plenty of jobs.

“Labour has the luxury of inheriting a strong, growing economy thanks to the stewardship of Bill English and the National Government. This new Government seems to take jobs growth for granted.”

“Mr Jackson’s announcement is just a rebranding of part of a comprehensive strategy announced by the National Government last year to reduce the number of at-risk young people not in employment or training in regional New Zealand,” Mr Goldsmith says.

The $50 million initiative was funded out of Budget 2017 and was to be delivered under National’s Regional Growth Programme. It would have seen central and local government partner with Iwi, businesses and support agencies, in order to plan, implement and fund interventions that are unique and tailored to each region.

“It’s deeply ironic that this announcement should come out the day after Labour’s industrial relations policy has been released, which will only slow New Zealand’s high-performing job market,” Mr Goldsmith says.

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