We're calling on Labour to #fixthepotholes!

Sign the petition and share your photo with the hashtag #fixthepotholes

Kiwis are sick and tired of all the potholes peppering New Zealand’s roads which are damaging vehicles and causing havoc for motorists. 

Everyday we're hearing from people that the roads are the worst they’ve ever seen them. We even know of people in Tauranga and Rodney who have taken to repairing the potholes themselves rather than waiting around for NZTA or local authorities to fix them!

Labour needs to see just how bad things are. So we've launched a "Pothole of the Week" campaign. 

First, you can sign our petition. Then we want you to share your potholes photos with the hashtag #fixthepotholes - so that Transport Minister Michael Wood sees your frustrations loud and clear.

And we’ll highlight the worst pothole each week.

We know that you would rather the Government spent money on fixing the potholes than on:

  • 1,000 extra NZTA staff since 2017
  • 97 comms staff at NZTA in 2022, up from 32 in 2017
  • $30,000 for five big red zeros props
  • $491,000 in rent for an empty office on the Auckland waterfront for the cancelled cycle bridge project
  • $4.7 million in advertising the existence of the Government’s Road to Zero policy
  • $51 million for the cancelled cycle bridge
  • Up to $29.2 billion for Auckland light rail.

Labour needs to stop wasting money on pet projects and fix the potholes!

Will you sign?