Firearm Prohibition Orders needed to curb growing gun violence

National’s Police spokesperson Simeon Brown is calling on the Government to urgently adopt his Member’s Bill, the Arms (Firearm Prohibition Orders) Amendment Bill, to help tackle the growing evidence of gun violence in New Zealand.

This morning media reports revealed statistics which show that over the past five years gun violence in Auckland has left 350 people in need of hospital level care – with half of these victims being treated at Middlemore Hospital.

“Action is needed now to tackle this growing gang and gun violence in Auckland and Firearm Prohibition Orders are part of the solution,” Mr Brown says.

“Firearms Prohibition Orders (FPOs) would give police greater powers to take firearms of violent criminals. This is a sensible piece of legislation that would go some way to keeping the public safe, but the Government continues to refuse to support it.

“The shooting of Constable Matthew Hunt earlier this year demonstrates the dangers police are facing with criminals who possess deadly firearms, and recent gun violence in Otara has meant front-line officers in South Auckland are feeling compelled to wear anti-ballistic plate armour because they encounter firearms on a daily basis.

“The Government cannot afford to sit on its hands and waste any more time, gun violence is at its highest levels in nearly a decade, we need action now before more people are victims of firearms offences.”