Labour MUST fast track more nurses and midwives

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New Zealand is desperately short of nurses and midwives, but the Labour Government is instead focused on restructuring  the health system.

Labour’s immigration “green list” puts some skilled migrants on a fast-tracked pathway to New Zealand residency.

This fast-track list includes doctors, vets and multimedia specialists – but not nurses and midwives!

Recently revealed information shows that as few as 77 offshore migrant nurses have applied for a work visa. Worse still, only three have arrived in New Zealand since 4 July!

This petition calls on the Government to:

1.     Immediately add nurses and midwives to the fast-track, straight-to-residence list
2.     Start the fast-track process immediately
3.     Ensure the process of gaining residence is complete within three months of application

Please sign National’s petition to boost New Zealand’s health system and get more nurses and midwives working in our hospitals.

You can read the latest update on this here.

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