Farmers sent a clear message, Labour should listen

The immense turnout to yesterday’s nationwide protests by the rural sector sent a clear message to the Government, they are fed up with Labour penalising them at every turn, Leader of the Opposition Judith Collins says.

“Yesterday farmers up and down New Zealand told the Government they wouldn’t be sitting down and taking the hits Labour is dishing out. All National MPs were with them, showing our support and how much we value the work our farmers do.

“Farmers helped New Zealand get through Covid-19, and Labour is repaying them through unworkable freshwater regulations, failing to deal with serious workforce shortages and now it’s hitting them in the wallet with a Ute Tax.

“The rural sector has rightly had enough. They’re not alone though, almost every other New Zealander is being hit in the back pocket through new taxes, rent increases and costs on businesses.

“Labour never campaigned on its Ute Tax and in fact was categorical in ruling out any new taxes. Yet it’s pushing it through anyway.

“The Government’s parliamentary majority is not a mandate for Labour to promote its ideological wish list without any discussion or consultation with the New Zealand public. Farmers have been feeling left out and yesterday they loudly demanded the debate.

“Yesterday the rural sector stood up and sent a clear signal to Wellington. Labour should be listening.”