The Government’s review of the 2014 Family Court reforms will be worthwhile only if it confronts the issues that had led to those reforms in the first place, National’s Courts spokesperson Chris Penk says.

“The 2014 reforms were intended to empower more families to resolve their issues outside the Family Court and minimise the stress children inevitably face when their parents separate.

“It’s important to assess whether these reforms have been achieving the intended outcomes which is why the previous National Government had asked for a review, acknowledging the possibility of further reform.

“National is supportive of Justice Minister Andrew Little picking up this work and of any proposed changes that will help the Family Court to get the best possible outcomes for families. 

“But Mr Little must acknowledge that the 2014 reforms were about ensuring the Family Court focuses on the cases most needing judicial expertise, especially those involving family violence.

“Any changes must not only address the rise in the number of without notice applications but also ensure that we do not see an increase in the number of people going to court unnecessarily.”

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