First, we’re increasing family incomes and delivering more jobs. The average wage has increased by $13,000 since we took office and on 1 April 2018 someone on the average wage will receive a tax cut of $1060 per year.

Second, we’re building the infrastructure like houses and better, safer roads. We are in the middle of the biggest residential housing building boom in decades.

Third, we’re growing our economy, ensuring there are more jobs and that New Zealanders have the education and skills to do them.

Fourth, we’re getting the Government’s finances in order, ensuring lower borrowing costs for households and that we can continue to support New Zealanders through the next GFC or Christchurch earthquake.

Fifth, we’re investing more than ever in public services, ensuring New Zealanders get the world-class education and healthcare they deserve, that our communities are safe, and we are helping the most vulnerable.

We also know one of the best ways to ensure families and businesses get ahead is through ensuring more money in their back pockets.

So the sixth point of our plan is what we won’t do – we won’t introduce any new taxes.