Delivering for Families

What does a strong economy mean for you and your family?

Under National’s Family Incomes package, from April 1.3 million working families will receive $26 a week on average, with more for people on lower incomes and with high housing costs. Superannuitants will get $13 more per week per couple, as well as their normal increase.

Under our Parents and Newborns package, we’ll extend paid parental leave to 22 weeks over two years from 1 July 2018. We’ll also enable both parents to take time off together. We’ll fund a third free IVF cycle and speed up access to fertility treatment.

National Standards Plus will give parents online access to more detailed information about their child’s progress. And we’ll give all primary school kids the opportunity to learn a second language and improve their maths by upskilling maths teachers.

Lifting family incomes will only happen with National’s strong economic plan.

Keep NZ moving forward under Bill English and his team or risk it all on an unstable coalition that will take us backwards.

"I'm confident about New Zealand's future. Your hard work over many years, backed by National's strong economic plan, has created one of the fastest growing economies in the developed world. I strongly believe that if we can build on our current success, we can offer everyone better opportunities."

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