Government must extend consultation on Freshwater Reforms

At a time when farmers are busy calving and lambing, they’re also being tasked with dealing with the Government’s recently announced freshwater standards, which are impacting hugely on the primary sector.

The current consultation process is a farce. During the busiest time of year for farmers we’re seeing public meetings take place. This is cynical timing and has been decided upon by a Government whose mind is made up, and doesn’t want to face the opposition they deserve.

There is also no economic analysis in the document for what the on farm costs of these changes will be.

We think those who are going to be at the coalface of these changes deserve the right to be fully informed, heard and consulted.

Rural New Zealand deserves access to accurate information and should be able to ask the tough questions. The Government needs to extend the consultation timeframe to six months, while also releasing economic and social analysis to be considered once available. New Zealand’s farmers deserve this.

Sign our petition to give farmers a fair go, and tell the Government to extend its consultation.

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