While it’s positive to see the farming sector partnering with Government, it’s concerning that Labour has given itself a legal backstop to bring agriculture into the ETS as early as 2022, National’s Climate Change spokesperson Scott Simpson says.

“National has a clear criteria that would need to be met before we’re comfortable with agriculture entering the ETS or a similar pricing mechanism. There needs to be science-based mitigation options available for farmers that don’t lead to herd culling and decreased food production.

“National supports farmers farming their way to better environmental outcomes and knows that on-farm improvements are more effective than taxes.

“We’re already the most efficient food producers in the world and if we force food production offshore then we will only be raising emissions globally.

“New Zealand would have the only farmers in the world to be a part of an ETS. It’s important we are not put at a disadvantage to our international competitors or we risk losing our valuable market share to a less sustainable producer.”

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