Ethnic Communities

Our country is richer for its many different ethnicities, cultures and faiths.

Whether someone is a first generation Kiwi who has recently arrived, or has a family who have lived in New Zealand for several generations, National celebrates the valuable contribution ethnic communities make to our economic, cultural and social life.

You can read our Ethnic Communities Policy Factsheet here.

New Zealand attracts some of the best and brightest talent from across the globe. This has made our nation a thriving multicultural society where hundreds of different ethnicities work and live together. National backs the aspiration and ambition of those who come here in pursuit of a better life.

National will:

  • Ensure ethnic communities are part of our plan to create jobs and get the economy back on track.

  • Ensure ethnic communities have official channels to communicate with Government and official agencies are responsive to the growing number of cultures, backgrounds and languages present in New Zealand.

  • Enhance safeguards to protect migrants against exploitation and continue initiatives which proactively ensure the justice system accounts for our ethnic diversity.

We want to ensure everyone can participate in the workforce and reach their full potential. National welcomes the skills, connections and new perspectives people from different cultures bring to our businesses and communities. We will work alongside NGOs and businesses to ensure those who are new to New Zealand are provided with the tools to harness their skills and experience.

National is proud of the ethnic diversity in our caucus. Many of our MPs have strong connections and affiliations with ethnic communities and organisations. We will continue to engage and listen to ethnic leaders as it is vital we understand the issues they face and how we can maximise the opportunities that come from a multicultural New Zealand.

You can read our Ethnic Communities Policy Factsheet here.