Environment & Climate Change

All New Zealanders have a responsibility to protect and care for our environment.

A pristine natural environment is one of New Zealand’s defining features, and also one of our most valuable strategic assets. National knows that New Zealanders want a cleaner and greener future and will make this an important part of our economic recovery. We will take a balanced and pragmatic approach to caring for and protecting our environment, so that all New Zealanders can continue to enjoy it. We will also make sure New Zealand plays its part in the long-term global effort to reduce the impacts of climate change.

You can read our Environment & Climate Change Policy Factsheet here.

National is the party of practical environmentalism. Our Bluegreen approach takes a long-term view that by making smart, strategic decisions today, we can leave our environment in a healthier state for future generations.

National will:

  • Introduce a range of policies to incentivise the uptake of electric vehicles, with a target of 80,000 on our roads by 2023 – four times the current level.

  • Take a pragmatic approach to meeting our international climate change commitments, and continue to incentivise decarbonisation through the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS).

  • Repeal the Resource Management Act (RMA) in our first term and replace it with new legislation, including an Environmental Standards Act that sets clear environmental bottom lines.

  • Commit $5 million over three years to work with schools and community groups to help clean up our beaches.

  • Begin work to establish two new National Parks – one on the Coromandel Peninsula and one in the Catlins, and build two new Great Walks.

  • Provide an additional $15 million over four years to DoC for predator-free ecological sanctuaries and other programmes to enable them to continue to protect plant and animal species and support species re-introduction and breeding programmes through the disruption caused by Covid-19.

You can read our Environment & Climate Change Policy Factsheet here.