Energy & Resources


Affordable and secure energy underpins New Zealand’s economy. National believes competitive and well-regulated energy markets support households and the transition to a low-emissions economy.

You can read our Energy & Resources Policy here.

National signed New Zealand up to the Paris Agreement. In Government, National increased renewable electricity production from 65 to 85 per cent of supply. We have and will continue to be committed to reducing New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions.

National believes that greenhouse gas policy needs to be fuel neutral unlike the current Government who have banned offshore oil and gas exploration costing the New Zealand economy and estimated $30 billion and 3000 jobs in Taranaki alone.

The Government should regulate greenhouse gas emissions, through mechanisms like the emissions trading scheme, rather than regulating individual fuels and fuel usage.

We believe it is critical that New Zealand is open to all technologies that support a transition to a net-zero emissions economy. Technologies, like carbon capture and storage, will be critical to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from processes such as steel and concrete manufacture.

National will:

  • Overturn the Government’s costly and harmful oil and gas ban.

  • Investigate new technologies that can support a transition to a net-zero emissions economy such as carbon capture and storage.

  • Support a case-by-case assessment for mining proposals on lower-quality conservation land that meet a ‘net conservation benefit’.

  • Repeal the RMA and implement an environmental legal and regulatory framework that is less complex and provides more certainty to all stakeholders.

With the economy now in the most severe recession New Zealand has ever experienced, we need a Government that delivers affordable and reliable energy, while continuing to strive for a net-zero future in 2050.

Over the past two years we have witnessed a steady increase in energy prices and increased consumption of imported coal as a result of Labour’s ill-thought-out oil and gas ban.

National will work hard to ensure energy is affordable, our dependence on coal is reduced and less hard-working Kiwis lose their jobs. We support responsible mining that can demonstrate a net positive contribution to the economy, to the environment, and to society.

National will deliver pragmatic energy policy that is better for the environment and consumers’ bank balances.

You can read our Energy & Resources Policy here.