Elective Surgery Commitment


National will institute an elective surgery commitment. That means that every Kiwi that needs elective surgery will have it done within four months of the decision to treat.

This will entail:

  • Ensuring everyone requiring elective surgery will have that surgery funded by the Crown within four months.

  • Sooner elective surgery so that if you are promised treatment in the standard four months then you will be operated on in four months.

  • If the DHB is unable to provide the treatment within four months, DHBs will be required to source another provider to meet that need. This could be either another DHB or a private provider.

  • Ensure equitable access to elective surgery by replacing the post code lottery with standard.

An elective surgery is one which is planned in advance rather than done in an emergency situation. This includes vitally important operations like hip replacements and cataract surgery. The guidelines for maximum waiting times is meant to be four months, and National will ensure this is met.

Too many Kiwis are left languishing on long waiting list for months or even years, and the COVID-19 lockdown has made the wait lists even longer. This has a serious effect on quality of life. National can do better for these people, and we will do better.

National believes that every New Zealander deserves the best treatment from the health service. However, there are significant regional disparities in the delivery of elective surgeries. Currently, each DHB is allowed to set its own criteria to decide which patients are eligible for elective surgeries. National will address this and establish a common points system for elective surgeries. That way whether you live in Kaitaia, Bluff or any place in-between, your address will not determine whether your treatment.

You can read more about our Elective Surgery Commitment here.

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