Economic Recovery


Our second priority for 2021 is how we drive economic growth.

We need to be thinking about how we are placed once people are moving safely again across borders. A strong business sector is central to this but, frankly, it’s not about business for business’ sake. 

A strong economy means more opportunities for New Zealanders. A strong economy is what will ultimately help lift children out of poverty. A strong economy means more money to invest in our health system. A strong economy will help our kids into their first job and give them the chance to do things and be things we’ve never even dreamed of.

That’s what matters – the things that a strong economy allows us to do. That is why a strong economy matters.

Never has the need for a Government that can execute a plan to get the economy growing again been more crucial.

If we make poor choices now our kids will pay for COVID-19 multiple times over. They will have fewer opportunities to get a job, they will be saddled with huge government debt and they will face house prices far out of their reach.

It leaves the next generation less able to address ongoing challenges like climate change. National will continue to work constructively to support solutions to climate change that use science and technology to continue to drive a lower emissions economy and keep costs down for Kiwi households.

We need a relentless focus on government policies to support the productive parts of our economy, to support businesses to be more efficient – to hire, invest and lift wages. Policies that allow businesses to use the upheaval caused by COVID-19 to drive positive change, enabling our industries to use technology to stay world-leading.