Kiwis struggling with high petrol prices shouldn’t hold their breath for relief – the much-touted Commerce Commission study hasn’t even started and will take more than a year to complete, National’s Commerce and Consumer Affairs spokesperson Brett Hudson says.

“The Commerce Commission today confirmed it is still waiting for the Government to initiate a market study into fuel pricing, which the Prime Minister announced as an urgent response to consumers ‘being fleeced’.

“But by the time the Government has received the report and decided how to respond it will have become clearer who is doing the fleecing since it plans to impose another 3.5 cents a litre hike in both 2019 and 2020.

“Let’s hope the regulator gives due consideration to these punitive taxes, which are hurting families and businesses across New Zealand, given taxes already take the biggest bite out of the cost of a litre of petrol.

“The Government clearly isn’t in a rush to provide any relief given it hiked the petrol excise this year when fuel was already at record highs, and Aucklanders were hit with a regional fuel tax.

“These additional taxes are making life more difficult for Kiwis who are struggling to get ahead.

“The Commission also confirmed that any market study would require investigation across a broad spectrum of the fuel service industry, including many small businesses. Business who don’t have spare time and resources to accommodate these sorts of in-depth studies.

“This burden will see more Kiwis stranded at home these holidays while the Government continues to drive a mainline into their wallets. If the Government is serious about lowering fuel prices, they should simply bring a halt to more fuel taxes.”

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