The Coalition Government should haul new Health Minister David Clark into line and stop him demanding resignation letters from all the District Health Board Chairs around the country, National Party Spokesperson for State Services Todd McClay says.

“This sets an extremely dangerous precedent across the public services. These people are working hard to lead large and complex organisations on behalf of the public,” Mr McClay says. “It’s demeaning and insulting to require them to sign resignation letters without cause because the new Health Minister wants to show them who’s boss.”

“This is a very bad way to start working with Crown entities and companies,” Mr McClay says. “It’s a highly political approach which I had hoped this Labour government would not follow.

“There are a whole lot of people in those government agencies who are focused not on politics but on getting the job done. The new government would serve New Zealand’s best interests by letting them get on and do the job.

“Health Board Chairs concerned by David Clark’s ham-fisted move could well seek legal advice on the implications this has on good employment practice.

“Labour won’t get experienced people to serve on the Boards of Crown organisations if they are going to hire and fire them on a whim.

“Kiwis would be right to feel concerned by Clark’s drive to stifle hard working public servants. Perhaps Jacinda Ardern should demand her new health Minister signs his own letter just in case.”

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