The Government has approved grants to 32 territorial authorities to subsidise neutering for menacing dogs, Associate Minister for Local Government Jacqui Dean has announced today.

An $850,000 pool of Government funding to subsidise neutering is part of the national action plan to reduce the risk and harm of dog attacks which was announced in late 2016.

“These neutering programmes will help make our communities safer by reducing the risk of dog attacks,” says Ms Dean.

“Neutering is linked to decreased roaming and aggression. Neutering will also reduce the number of menacing dogs in our communities in the long term.

“This subsidy will help the many dog owners who want to neuter their dog but cannot afford to do so,” says Ms Dean.

The campaigns are being carried out by territorial authorities, often in coordination with local veterinarians and SPCAs. Many territorial authorities are also combining this neutering offer with their own offers of subsidised microchipping and/or registration.

“It is great to see territorial authorities making use of central government support to reduce the risk of harm from menacing dogs in their communities,” says Ms Dean.

Other aspects of the national action plan launched last year will be progressed in 2017. This includes a bill to require the licensing of high-risk dog owners, which is expected to be introduced later this year.

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