Demand the debate on Labour's separate justice systems


We're calling on the Prime Minister to rule out separate justice systems, currently being consulted on with some New Zealanders.

The Prime Minister has ruled out a separate Parliament because of public pressure, however has implemented a separate Health Authority and Maori Wards from the He Puapua report without the wide-ranging debate these significant changes deserve.

National believes everyone should be treated equally under the law. Following revelations that Labour gave $2.75 million to a Mongrel Mob trust and reports of escalating gun crime, the public needs to have confidence in the justice system.

Every week I’m contacted by thousands of Kiwis who are worried they just don’t have a say in the future of their country anymore. They’re being kept in the dark and their questions go unanswered by Ardern’s Government. So today, I’m releasing the fourth billboard on a series of important issues that Kiwis deserve to have their say on.

At a time when the public is rightly concerned about money to gangs, gun crime and the significant harm that methamphetamine is doing in all parts on New Zealand, Labour needs to be clear about its intentions with the justice system.

Labour’s policies are recruiting more gang members than police, more victims than prisoners, and the police have said ‘arrest is now the exception’.

  • Serious Assaults have more than doubled in three years. 
  • Assaults on Corrections Officers Up 92% since Kelvin Davis became minister. 
  • Labour has failed to deliver on 1800 new Police over three years.
  • Labour have failed to deliver on the 700 Police in organised crime unit. 
  • Gang numbers up 50%. Recruiting faster than Police. 
  • Drug and alcohol rehabilitation in prisons down 75%.

Whilst Labour is consulting with a group of New Zealanders on separate justice systems, the Police Minister cares more about the rights of criminals than the safety of victims and gang members are emboldened to gloat on TV. 

National will put the rights of victims before those who choose to commit crime and support our Police and Corrections Officers who put their lives at risk on the front line.

National's would back steps to address gang crime and increased violence:

  • New Firearm Protection Orders with new search powers.
  • New Firearm Protection Orders to seize illegal guns from gangs.
  • Bring back Armed Response Teams.
  • New criminal offences for violent gang crime.
  • New Aggravating sentence in the Sentencing Act for gang members.
  • Ban on gang insignia in public places.
  • Trial tasers for Corrections Officers.
  • Increased penalties for assaulting Corrections Officers.
  • New Legislation – no public funding for gangs
  • Require gangs to prove income is legitimate.

The Government’s parliamentary majority is not a mandate for Labour to promote their ideological wish list. New Zealanders deserve a say on their country’s future and together we must demand the debate.

Everyone deserves to be part of this conversation and we need to demand that public debate on this issue happens. We’ll have more to say on this in the coming days, weeks and months, so please sign up to keep up to date.