Delivery key to second Auckland Harbour crossing

Labour’s rushed announcement of a second Auckland Harbour crossing is nothing but a desperate attempt to distract from their failures, National’s Transport spokesperson Simeon Brown says.

“National supports a second Auckland Harbour crossing but questions Labour’s ability to deliver given their track record.

“Labour has failed to start and complete one single major infrastructure project since they have been in government.

“They started then cancelled the Auckland Cycle Bridge. They promised Auckland Light Rail by 2021 but have yet to deliver a single metre of track. They promised 100,000 KiwiBuild homes and have delivered just over 2,000.

“National is the party of infrastructure. In Auckland, we delivered the Waterview Tunnel, upgraded the North-Western and South-Western motorways, electrified the Auckland Rail Network, and left Labour with a pipeline of Auckland infrastructure projects which they haven’t completed including:

  • The City Rail Link.
  • State Highway upgrades.
  • The Eastern busway.
  • The Puhoi to Warkworth motorway connection.

“National believes that projects delivered are much more important than projects announced.

“National has a proven track record of delivering important infrastructure projects in Auckland and we will continue this legacy if elected to government in October.”