Cyber threats a greater risk under Labour

Labour’s Broken Compass Budget has failed to address the growing critical threats to New Zealand’s digital infrastructure, National’s spokesperson for Digital Economy and Communications Melissa Lee says.

“We only have to look at what’s happening to the Waikato DHB to know how important it is to make sure our digital infrastructure is protected.

“As New Zealand businesses, families and even the Government itself are facing constant attacks to their cybersecurity from ransomware, malware and scams it is reckless that the Government has failed to protect New Zealand’s digital frontier.

“There is nothing substantive in the Budget across multiple portfolios to uplift the cyber capacity for New Zealand, at a time when our public institutions and businesses are facing increasing malicious attacks.

“Australia has recognised the importance of protecting digital infrastructure, they announced $1.6 billion to tackle the cyber threats they are facing.

“The National led Government took comprehensive steps to promote best practice international standard cyber resilience and protections. It is disappointing Labour has failed to continue this important work, and it means our businesses will ultimately pay the price.

“The Waikato DHB is still facing the ramifications of a cyber-attack more than a week later. Many services have been cancelled and many Kiwis who need specialist treatment now face travelling across the country to receive their care.

It has impacted all aspects of the hospital, with seriously ill cancer patients facing uncertainty away from their loved ones.

“The Government needs to be investing in effective cyber resourcing and education, otherwise we will likely face more situations like what’s happening at the Waikato DHB.

“We need secure, trustworthy digital infrastructure that protects our nation. We need a real strategy for cyber resilience, protection and better education in New Zealand and this Government is failing to deliver it.”