Customs Minister Tim Macindoe warmly congratulates Customs on its win at the Institute of Public Administration New Zealand excellence awards last night.

Customs won the Excellence in Regulatory Systems category for its Joint Electronic Verification System (JEVS), a technology solution which transformed the border clearance system for New Zealand exports in China.

Mr Macindoe says the system has not only improved our border and trading relationship with China, but it has also provided increased assurance to New Zealand exporters.

“Goods exported to China increased substantially after the 2008 NZ–China Free Trade Agreement leading to an increase of shipments being processed in China, and with border clearance processes being largely manual it could take three to five days,” says Mr Macindoe

“With most NZ exports to China being perishable goods, trade barriers have a significant effect on their access to market.

"Since the introduction of JEVS in 2016, processing times have reduced from three to five days to two hours. It has also provided certainty for clearance times for New Zealand exporters and minimised reputational risk to New Zealand from the former paper system.

“This is a great example of the two countries working together on an innovative way to improve our trading relationship and at the same time contribute to New Zealand being a more productive and competitive economy.  This can only get better as other countries can also join up to the system.

“Customs should be proud to have won the excellence award as well as being a finalist in the Excellence in Improving Public Value through Business Transformation category of the awards.”

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