Customs Minister Nicky Wagner is today congratulating Customs on a record number of drug seizures in 2016.

“Customs made 4165 seizures last year, including over 413 kilograms of methamphetamine and 1.1 tonne of its precursors — mainly ephedrine that could have yielded up to 809kg of meth,” Ms Wagner says.

“Smugglers have all sorts of elaborate and creative ways of attempting to smuggle drugs into New Zealand. Whether it’s on passengers, in cargo or through the mail, Customs is committed to keeping these harmful substances off our streets.”

Customs received $2.78 million under the Criminal Proceeds (Recovery) Act last October to continue its clamp down on illegal activity.

“This funding will help further boost Customs’ ability to target and seize drugs both here and overseas,” Ms Wagner says.

“More than $730,000 will be used to disrupt the supply of meth and its precursors into New Zealand through collaboration and intelligence operations with other border agencies around the world.

“Another $568,000 will improve Customs’ drug examination and exhibiting facilities at key locations for higher quality evidence and intelligence recording, as well as improved health and safety for officers.”

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