The decision to allow Clare Curran to retain any of her Ministerial portfolios after being dumped from Cabinet is a sign of weakness in the Government, National’s Government Digital Services spokesperson Brett Hudson says.

“It’s almost comical that Ms Curran, who until today held the Associate State Services (Open Government) portfolio has failed not once but twice to answer Written Parliamentary Questions accurately.

“Her punishment is a slap on the wrist with a wet bus ticket. She keeps her Ministerial salary and the all the perks that come with that despite demonstrating that she’s not capable of being a Minister.

“It’s not good enough that it took Ms Curran five and a half months to correct her answer to a written question and to finally acknowledge she met with Derek Handley, who had expressed interest in the Chief Technology Officer role created by the Minister.

“From a Minister who promised that this would be the most open and transparent Government in New Zealand’s history, this is a staggering failure of process.

“Ms Curran’s first indiscretion, the much publicised breakfast meeting with Carol Hirschfeld in December suggested Ms Curran was out of her depth, but this latest failure removes any doubt.

“So that makes the Prime Minister’s decision to allow Ms Curran to retain her Broadcasting, Communications and Digital Media and Associate ACC portfolios all the more confusing.”

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