National’s Climate Change Spokesperson Todd Muller is encouraging all New Zealanders to ensure their voices are heard as the Government consults on its proposed Zero Carbon Bill.

“Public consultation is the logical next step to build on what we have already heard from experts like the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment and the Productivity Commission, who have called for increased public consideration on the establishment of a climate commission and our long-term targets and commitments,” Mr Muller says.

“These are complex, long-term issues and, like the Government, National will be taking some time to digest the details before landing on a position.

“This is not the start of New Zealand’s ambition when it comes to climate. We have always been ambitious. Any further ambition will need to be carefully weighed against the impact it will have on Kiwi families and the economy.

“The consultation document shows that stricter targets will result in lower incomes for families, higher costs for electricity, fuel and food, and an acknowledgement that this will be felt most strongly by those lower-income households.

“As you look further out, the carbon price is set to soar which will have a huge impact on our industry, business, fuel prices, incomes and GDP.

“These are significant costs and we need to get the balance right to ensure we play an appropriate role in what is a global challenge.

“My hope is that the Government will travel far and wide in the consultation to ensure they hear a wide range of views, from the East Cape to the West Coast.

“Enduring reform always walks at the pace the country feels comfortable with. This is the true test of our climate journey.”

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