Trade is vital to our future – exports now account for more than $70b of our national income, and more than 620,000 New Zealanders depend on exports for their jobs. 

National knows that New Zealand exporters, both big and small, are world beaters when they’re given the chance. That’s why National have committed to delivering New Zealand’s boldest-ever trade push if re-elected.

Importantly, where the opposition parties are shying away, we’re showing leadership and working towards a successful conclusion for TPP11.

The TPP11 has the potential to:

  • add $2.5b to our economy annually,
  • create tens of thousands of new jobs,
  • save New Zealand companies $222m in tariffs each year, and
  • be our first FTA with four new countries, including Japan – the world’s 3rd largest consumer market

This is a hugely valuable agreement for New Zealand both strategically and economically.

We’re the only party fighting for it.

On top of this, in the next term of government, we will:

  • aim to complete trade negotiations with Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Peru and countries in Southeast Asia;
  • prioritise negotiations with India, Russia, and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries;
  • launch trade negotiations with the European Union, United Kingdom, Sri Lanka and Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay;
  • Upgrade our current agreements with China, Singapore, and Southeast Asia. 

National knows that international trade is vital to our economic success. It underpins our businesses, it creates jobs and it lifts wages.

For example, New Zealand’s two-way trade with China grew from $8 billion a year in 2008 to $23 billion last year. This insulated us from the worst effects of the Global Financial Crisis.

Improving trade access is a crucial part of National’s strong economic plan which is delivering returns for all New Zealanders. 

We have a once in a generation chance to tear down trade barriers and only National is willing to take this opportunity.

Labour are incapable of showing leadership on trade because they do not believe in it.

Our trade competitors around the world are moving ahead with their own trade agreements.

If we shy away now and turn our back on trade it will harm our exporters, destroy jobs, and reduce our market access overseas.

As a small country, we punch well above our weight when it comes to trade in global markets.

When given the chance, we know that New Zealand exporters are world beaters.

We’re backing Kiwis.

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