National is committed to a high functioning Corrections system that keeps New Zealanders safe and works to reduce repeat offenders. National will keep communities safe and prevent crime, as well as hold offenders to account. We have a track record of championing victims and helping offenders set their lives on a different path.

National will incorporate a Social Investment approach into the Corrections system again. We will prioritise both rehabilitation and reintegration, through Clean Start, focusing on first-time remandees, and make sure all prisons provide education/work opportunities. This will enable us to work with vulnerable individuals and stop them entering a life of crime.

Labour’s policy of reducing the prison population by 30 per cent over 15 years has the wrong focus and we will scrap it. National will focus on reducing crime, meaning fewer criminals requiring sentencing and most importantly fewer victims of crime.

National will:

  • Use the Social Investment approach to work with vulnerable individuals and stop them entering a life of crime.

  • Introduce the Clean Start policy for newly released prisoners to move to a new community.

  • Expand the use of mental health support for prisoners, particularly young prisoners.

  • Increase funding for education and drug treatment in prison.

  • Focus on first-time remandees, many of whom have drug/alcohol or mental health issues. We will expand alcohol, drug, literacy and numeracy programmes for this group to reduce their chances of returning to prison.

  • Ensure that all prisons are working prisons, so prisoners are either in work, education or training.

  • Support the Howard League’s driving and literacy training.

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