Yesterday’s announcement from the Government that Aucklanders are about to be slapped with a fuel tax show just how little value both it and the Auckland Council place on consulting ratepayers, National’s Local Government (Auckland) Denise Lee says.

“Auckland ratepayers have been asked to submit on a Budget that proposed a number of new rates, including a regional fuel tax, without knowing what this tax system would look like.

“Now, with five days of public consultation still remaining, the Labour Government has introduced a Bill giving Council the ability to introduce this tax.  It is clear that this was always going to be the end result.

“Given a Ministry of Transport impact report says a cost benefit analysis has not been done and that ‘fuel companies have not had time to accurately quantify the costs of collection of the regional fuel tax’, the consultation process has been an absolute sham.

“To add insult to injury, the Council’s Budget is dependent on this tax being implemented by mid-2018, meaning that this Bill will likely have to be rushed through Parliament without the full investigation of a Select Committee.

“Both the Labour Government and Auckland Council are yet to release their priorities for transport.

“Auckland residents should not have to shoulder the burdened of new taxes, without being told where their money will be spent,” Ms Lee says. 


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