The Government’s decision to leave the fate of 380 traumatised children to chance, despite pleas from the community, is a failure of government, leadership, and priorities National’s spokesperson for Children Alfred Ngaro says.

“The Stand children’s camps in Roxburgh and Otaki needed just $3 million to keep running but, instead of acting on her so-called commitment to children, the Prime Minister has chosen to give Winston Peters an eye-watering $1 billion to fritter away on pet foreign affairs projects.

“That extraordinary prioritisation has left 63 people without jobs and 380 traumatised children without a specialised treatment facility.

“The Stand children’s camps are the only agency in Otago that provide intensive residential, wrap-around services for children who have experienced severe trauma.

“Their doors will now be closed, and it’s unknown what will happen to the kids who need this kind of wrap-around support.

“The Government has let down the most vulnerable in our society, despite repeated calls from the National Party, local Mayors, and the community to save the programme.

“For a Prime Minister who has staked her political capital on ending child poverty the position that this Government is taking on this issue is shameful,” Mr Ngaro says.


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