Health Minister Jonathan Coleman says community-based midwives will receive a $2.8 million pay increase this year, further boosting support for maternity services.

“This fee increase for Lead Maternity Care (LMC) midwives acknowledges their important work with many of the 60,000 new babies born annually in New Zealand,” Dr Coleman says.

“It’s important that these mums and babies receive the best possible care.

“Today’s announcement of a 2.5 per cent increase to the fees they are paid will be back-dated to July 2016. It follows a two per cent increase in 2016 which was also back-dated.

“The fee increase applies from May 1 to care provided by LMC midwives throughout the pregnancy and labour to follow-up postnatal visits four to six weeks after the birth.”

For LMC midwives this fee is their only source of income to meet all costs associated with service provision, including travel costs.

“The continuity of care and partnership model offered by LMCs in New Zealand is recognised internationally.  Continuing fee increases for community-based midwives supports this model of care.”

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