Health Minister David Clark needs to show some leadership and resolve planned strike action on Friday by laboratory workers in labs currently testing for coronavirus, National’s Health Spokesperson Michael Woodhouse says.

“We’re in the midst of a public health emergency and the possibility of a strike at this crucial stage is unacceptable. More worrying is the possibility of ongoing strike action running until May.

“This strike action has potential to undermine the Government’s coronavirus testing efforts as they scale down tasks for the next two months and have a full day strike this Friday.

“On Monday the Government described the strike as ‘disappointing’, this is a huge understatement, it is nothing short of appalling. David Clark needs to step up and stop this strike from occurring. National will support any measures put forward by the Government that will prevent this strike from taking place.

“This is another case of David Clark’s terrible record on strike action that has seen a 600 per cent increase in strike days lost since he took office. The difference this time is that it’s come a time when New Zealand’s health system can’t afford any more of his strikes.”

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