Economic Development and Transport Minister Simon Bridges says significant employment opportunities are being created by construction of the City Rail Link (CRL) in Auckland.

The joint project between Government and Auckland Council is New Zealand’s largest transport infrastructure project. Construction of the early works began in December 2015, with the project expected to be complete by 2024.

“The CRL will provide significant transport benefits in the future, and it is already bringing economic benefits to Aucklanders and New Zealanders through the hundreds of employment opportunities being created during construction,” Mr Bridges says.

“Construction is continuing to expand, with two contracts underway and more to follow. It is estimated that about 600 general construction workers will be needed for the construction of the CRL with an estimated 1600 jobs at the peak of works.”

Labour requirements for the CRL will vary with opportunities for new entrants to the workforce as well as for skilled labour and trades including plumbers and electricians and those involved in specialist rail systems and signalling.

Mr Bridges says major infrastructure projects like the CRL are supporting strong economic growth.

“The construction industry is booming with the national demand for building and construction being heavily driven by Auckland. New Zealand continues to construct more by value than ever before with the total value expected to grow to $37 billion towards the end of 2017,” Mr Bridges says.

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