The Labour Government has avoided committing to building a multi-use arena in Christchurch and has instead kicked it for touch into the distant future, National’s spokesperson for Greater Christchurch Regeneration Nicky Wagner says.

“Despite pleas from the public, sporting groups and event operators, the Government still won’t front up with any kind of commitment to replace Lancaster park.

“Instead, the Minister responsible, Megan Woods, has issued a vague statement that some design work will begin, and that any final design will be subject to a business case.

“Christchurch voters should not forget that, during the election campaign, Jacinda Ardern committed $300 million extra to go towards the ongoing rebuild of Christchurch – and that money should be ear-marked for these kinds of projects.  

“Notably, this big-spending Government has not committed to any costs for a multi-use stadium – no doubt, leaving future governments and tax-payers to take the financial hit.

“However, what Megan Woods has announced today – with quite some fanfare - is that ‘Ōtākaro has completed the detailed design of the Metro Sports Facility, and is now ready to go to market to confirm the final cost of the project’

“This is disingenuous in the extreme - this was already the case under the National Government until she halted the process in November last year.

“Ms Woods has achieved nothing other than a six month delay on the project,” Mrs Wagner says.

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