Minister supporting Greater Christchurch Regeneration Nicky Wagner is welcoming the Regenerate Christchurch Statement of Performance Expectations tabled in Parliament today.

The Statement of Performance Expectations is compiled by Regenerate Christchurch, in collaboration with the Christchurch City Council and the Crown.

It looks at Regenerate Christchurch’s key work programmes, including planning for the Residential Red Zone, and the regeneration of the central city and New Brighton.

“I’m looking forward to working closely with Regenerate Christchurch, the council and community to ensure we get the best possible results for Christchurch,” Ms Wagner says.

“Collaboration and cooperation will be incredibly important as we continue to move from the rebuild to regeneration phase.

“Gerry Brownlee has worked tirelessly for Christchurch and made some very difficult decisions.  It’s now my turn to ensure those decisions bear fruit.

“We want to build the best, newest and most people-friendly city we can. It’s been six years but there’s still a lot of work to do. Christchurch is a real city of opportunity and I’m delighted to be part of it.”

Regenerate Christchurch Board Chair André Lovatt says the organisation has undertaken a wide range of planning and public engagement work.

“We’ve started with two of the most complex areas identified in our letter of expectations — the central city and the Ōtākaro Avon River corridor,” Mr Lovatt says.

“We’re very conscious that we need to keep moving forward as quickly as possible, and that our local community expects to see progress.”

About the Statement of Performance Expectations:

Statement of Performance Expectations (SPE) is prepared by Regenerate Christchurch for the period 8 April 2016 to 30 June 2017, in accordance with Part 2 of Schedule 5 of the Greater Christchurch Regeneration Act 2016. The SPE sets out goals, expected revenue and proposed expenses for the 2016/2017 financial year, as well as performance assessment guidelines. Residential Red Zone planning is focused on the Ōtākaro/Avon River Corridor lands and other RRZ lands in Brooklands, Southshore and Port Hills. Regeneration Planning includes the central city (work on a Regeneration strategy for Cathedral Square), New Brighton and other activities. Regenerate Christchurch is a special-purpose statutory entity established on 8 April 2016 (pursuant to Greater Christchurch Regeneration Act 2016).  It is governed by the Board of Regenerate Christchurch and jointly-owned by Christchurch City Council and the Crown.


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