Today’s decision by NZTA to close the Old Māngere Bridge is necessary for safety reasons, but Phil Twyford must front up with his plans for other nearby transport projects before any steps are taken to replace it, Maungakiekie MP Denise Lee says.

“Closing the bridge because of safety concerns is the right thing to do, but there are still so many unanswered questions about other nearby transport projects. The Minister needs to give certainty that the replacement will fit into the wider plan for Onehunga.

“How will the new bridge fit into an alternative version of the East-West Link or the Government’s plan for light-rail through Onehunga to the airport?  How many bridges will we end up having over the harbour?

“It’s time for the Minister to get off the slow track and answer these critical, billion dollar questions.

“These decisions cannot be made in isolation. If a replacement bridge does not fit into the plans for these other major projects it will just end up causing more trouble down the line.

“Onehunga deserves to know that it is getting the transport infrastructure it deserves. It is a transforming suburb and the Minister needs to give certainty that all the cogs are working together.”

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