Minister supporting Greater Christchurch Regeneration Nicky Wagner is today releasing the Cathedral Working Group Recommendation Report.

“I firmly believe we need an agreed solution on the future of the cathedral, and we need it sooner rather than later,” Ms Wagner says.

“As the original negotiations around the cathedral have now ceased, the Cathedral Working Group Recommendation Report can be released.

“This further demonstrates my commitment to the people of Christchurch to be open, transparent and a strong advocate for progress.

“About half of Christchurch wants to see the cathedral reinstated, the other half wants something new and more modern, but really, everyone just needs a decision.

“Agreement is vital because any decision that ties everyone up in the courts for five to 10 years is no decision at all.”

The report recommends reinstatement of the cathedral at an estimated cost of $105 million, to be funded by philanthropic and public donations, the Church’s insurance proceeds and support from central and local Government. 

“As a resident of Christchurch, I understand and share the community’s frustration over the lack of tangible progress. I am committed to breaking the current deadlock and doing so quickly, which means not re-litigating the past,” Ms Wagner says.

Ms Wagner today hosted a meeting with all Christchurch Members of Parliament to seek cross-party support for the Government’s commitment to brokering a solution.

“I will continue to work closely with the Anglican Church, the Christchurch City Council and other key stakeholders to discuss all possible solutions,” Ms Wagner says.

The Cathedral Working Group Recommendation Report is available at:

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