Car Tax pushing up prices of EVs

Labour’s Car Tax is not only forcing hardworking Kiwis to pay more because they can’t switch to an electric vehicle, but it’s pushing up the prices of electric vehicles too, National’s Transport spokesperson Michael Woodhouse says.

“EV importers have seen the price of a used electric vehicle increase by $3000 only three days after Labour announced its Car Tax, almost matching the subsidy you could get from buying a used low-emission vehicle.

“It’s basic economics. If you’re giving someone more money to pay for a product it’s only going to drive up the cost. Most of the Government’s subsidy will end up going directly into the pockets of Japanese used-EV exporters.

“Transport Minister Michael Wood’s officials were told exactly this by the industry, but the Government ignored that advice.

“So now not only will ute drivers be expected to pay for EVs when they don’t have any other options, but most of that tax will be shipped offshore.

“National will repeal Labour’s Car Tax.”