Minister supporting Greater Christchurch Regeneration Nicky Wagner is welcoming data released today on the wellbeing of greater Christchurch residents.

The latest Greater Christchurch Dashboard — Wellbeing, which uses data from Canterbury District Health Board’s Canterbury Wellbeing Survey, shows more than eight out of 10 greater Christchurch residents rate their quality of life as good or extremely good.

“The data shows 82 per cent of respondents rate their quality of life positively, unchanged from April 2016, but up from 74 per cent in September 2012. The proportion of people who say their quality of life has deteriorated also remains unchanged from April 2016, at 13 per cent,” Ms Wagner says.

“Stress is still a factor in greater Christchurch, with 72 per cent saying they’ve experienced some negative stress in the last 12 months, but significantly fewer are indicating distress and anxiety associated with aftershocks, or being in a damaged environment/surrounded by construction work (11 and 10 per cent respectively). In the early days after the quakes these figures were much higher.

“The data tells us that although there are definitely still earthquake-related stressors in greater Christchurch, the situation is improving over time. Fewer people are affected by ongoing insurance and rebuild issues, and more people are responding to tangible signs of progress.

“Everyone in greater Christchurch has been stretched over the last six years — we know that from our own experiences, and talking to friends and family.  A survey like this provides a bigger, clearer picture of our overall experience, and I think many people will be reassured by the results.”

Note: The Greater Christchurch Dashboard — Wellbeing is attached.

The Canterbury Wellbeing Survey is available at:

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