Our Campaigns

New Zealanders are being left out of important decisions as Labour continues to make policy announcements that were never campaigned on and will have a significant impact on New Zealanders. 

From the Car Tax, cancelling promised infrastructure projects, the $785m Auckland cycle bridge, rushed law changes to deliver Māori wards, to the hastily announced oil and gas exploration ban; New Zealanders are starting to feel left out. At the same time more than 4000 children are left to grow up in motels, mental health services are in crisis, the Government is looking to criminalise speech they disapprove of and tell you what car you can drive.

Let’s be clear, Labour was elected on a COVID-19 mandate and nine months later we are still waiting for border workers to be properly vaccinated and MIQ beds sit empty while migrant families wait in desperation to be reunited. We are still last in the developed world for COVID-19 vaccinations. 

Every week we're contacted by thousands of Kiwis who feel they are being left out and want a say on the future of their country.

Kiwis deserve better and together we must demand the debate.